Expectations of poker players
Unlike an on line casino, where players are playing “one on one” against the “House”, the game of poker requires a critical mass of players to be on hand at all times in order to achieve the liquidity necessary to achieve player satisfaction at all levels of play.

In recognition of this factor, to develop an on line Poker software system, whereby individual merchants, be they small, medium or large in size, could offer their players Poker, by having them participate in a Poker room which is common to all merchants. Under this scenario, the player goes to the common poker room, which is branded in the same way that their Sports Book or Casino is, but once there, play with other poker players that come in from a variety of other “skins”, thereby achieving the desired critical mass of players. The poker players can also use the same password and log in ID that they use at their established Sports Book or Casino.

In order to coordinate all aspects of running such an operation, on a seamless basis, to manage all the operational aspects of running this common Poker room on behalf of its various “skin” merchants.

Poker Research with Poker Players

Considerable research was undertaken with both Sports Book and Casino merchants and their players in order to determine what they wanted in terms of poker software. The response was consistent and clear. Poker players want clean graphics, a simple interface (with no animated characters at the table) plus clear concise support information.” From the positive feedback that we have received, we believe that these criteria have been successfully achieved.

A Turnkey Poker Room Operation

The “skins” concept enables on line Sports Books, Casinos and other interested groups to enter the fast growing on-line Poker business without having to set up and establish the many specialized support systems, essential to running an on line Poker business.

The primary support services offered by Poker incorporated include:

All centralized promotions, tournaments and special events

  • E-cash processing and back office support systems, plus payouts and all necessary banking transactions
  • Player correspondence and newsletters
  • Fraud and collusion control
  • Customer service and support,
  • Player relations call center and chat management
  • All software upgrades
  • Off shore licensing
  • Server hosting
  • Comprehensive back office reporting system including comprehensive tracking system

With all these operational aspects taken care of, all the operator has to do is focus on marketing and bringing players to their site.